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June 30, 2015

I would like to announce the first piece of news that should be troubling everyone. MY SISTER, I won´t mention names, (LINDSEY VAN WOERKOM) did not write me for the first time in the mission. I have 2 things to say. 1. REPENT! and 2. I´ve still waiting for my crusty package that´s going to get here the same time I´ll be leaving this mission.
Now that my shout out is done, haha the second most important announcement is.....I COMPLETED 8 MONTHS IN THE MISSION. Say what?! I know! My companion and I are having a blast here in Puerto Plata and loving every moment. Our life is just a sit down, movie, get your bag of popcorn, comedy type of companionship. The only thing we are missing is the camera crew. But for reals though. I don´t know if you have seen The District, but its like how to be a missionary training video. They should do The District, but with my companionship...and call it...The District Bloopers...but for real though, we are just too funny. Okay well here´s your funny story for the week. So you know how I had my run in with that stupid dog that bit my backpack? Well like I said, I´ve been carrying my umbrella to whack the next dog that dares to think about biting me. My companion always makes fun of me for bringing my umbrella, but LUCKILY I do the crazy things I do because after a very nice, uplifting lesson, another crusty dog tried to bite me! To sum up the story, I karate chopped that dog and it headed for the hills. However, I have a feeling that this dog problem isn´t going to end. So mom, or Lindsey (most likely mom and dad since their package is the only one I see) if you can please send pepper spray, I will put it to good use. But for realsy though, no joke haha. 
Well, we have two weeks before our golden investigator gets baptized, I´m super excited to say the least! Things are wonderful here as usual in this paradise city. We seen little miracles in big and small ways. One big one would be one of our investigators job gave him the opportunity to go to church on Sundays! Yoohoo! And one funny little miracle we saw this week is its mango season here right? So during one of the lessons we had under this mango tree, the lady that we were teaching asked if we like mangoes and then proceeded to ask the little kid to climb up the tree and gets us a few. Next thing you know a whole group of kids were climbing the tree and got us over 30 mangos to take home with us! haha they were super cute and super funny. So we´ve definitely been enjoying them at the house. They are super delicious! I´ll close for now, but it´s good to hear from everyone and see all the fun summer stuff you´ve been doing! Keep me posted!
Hermana Van Woerkom

Top Picture: After zip lining
Middle Picture: Zip lining
Bottom Picture: Saying goodbye to President Douglas
More Zip Lining Pictures


 Okay here´s the picture of the washer that we use. The ¨dryer¨is like a time capsule that you shove your clothes in to wick the wetness off and then we hang it. The second picture is of me and my tuve. It´s what black people wear in the states, but its what people wear here to when they get their hair done. Obviously I don´t need to get my hair done here, but I wear it because it keeps my hair up and cools me off easier in this ridiculous heat....and because I am part of the culture too. I thought you´d get a good kick out of that.
guess what? I got cherries today for 30 pesos a pound haha holla for a dolla

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