Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hump Day! 9 month mark!

HUMP DAY! Today marks my 9 months. Wow I´ve had so much fun here and have been so blessed to serve in this mission. Time really does fly! Well we are 1 week into this whole mini missionary thing and to be honest it really is different than having a regular companionship. I am definitely learning patience, how to rely more on Heavenly Father, and maybe a little long suffering.Sometimes I feel a little like I´m running a baby sitting service It´s okay though they are all things that need to be learned. I´m still a little nervous about taking on such a big chunk of area For example twice a week we have to take a bus about a 45 minutes out to visit people. No pressure, it´s only others salvation on the line and mine as well. Prayers would be appreciated haha. 
I´m so grateful for those little blessings that I´ve had this week. We found a family that contacted us and wants to hear the gospel! We gave them their first lesson yesterday and hopefully they´ll be at church this up coming Sunday. We have some other baptisms coming up as well! We just need to get the family together to get everyone squared away on the lessons. 
Funny story of the week ready for this...okay this happened with Hermana Bradford, but we were walking home from an appointment and I usually say hi to everyone that we pass by. Well we passed by this nice old lady and after I said my hello´s she says ´hello my queen´. I stopped as she kept walking, turned to my companion and said ´it´s about time I got the repsect I deserve around here´hahaha just kidding She just rolled her eyes, laughed and we kept walking. So for the last week I would tease and say ¨the queen would like this or we need to go do that because I´m the queen¨hahaha. Anyway There´s your funny story for the week. Don´t forget to title your next letters ¨to the queen¨haha just kidding. 
Love you guys,
Hermana Van Woerkom

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