Monday, July 20, 2015

July 16, 2015 Transfers!

Well, missions are full of changes. All good times must come to an end eventually I suppose! We had transfers today and Hermana Bradford left for La Vega (close to my old area) and I´m still serving in Puerto Plata. However, to add a twist  my new companion is a mini missionary. I suppose we are missing or running low sister missionaries here. So I have Hermana Alisson  Payero. She´s from a town about an hour away from here and is 16 years old. I´m super nervous about leading the area, but we will see how it goes. I´ll definitely learn a lot this transfer if anything. Trying not to stress haha.
Good news though! Our baptism was wonderful! Everything went well without any problems! Elias is now a member and now we are getting him prepared for the temple trip for the end of this month! He is just such the golden new recent convert. At his baptism he wanted to sing ¨called to serve¨because it´s one of his favorite songs. I hope that he´ll get the chance to be a missionary soon! He´s just so great!
Okay here´s your funny story for the week. So after the whole Tarantula incident we had this past few weeks my comp and I came to the consensus we would rather boil in the house in this heat and humidity than leave the windows open and have these freakish critters think their welcome into the house. Everything was good, until this past Monday. There was yet another stinking spider in our house. My companion and I have debated on whether to call it a spider or a tarantula. So call it what you will, spider, tarantula, this thing had to go. It´s body was smaller than the tarantula but bigger in size. So my companion thought she could handle it and spray it with Clorox ( why that was her weapon of choice I don´t know, maybe to blind it? haha ) and a smack it with a broom. But this thing had spidy like reflexes, because when she squeezed the trigger it RAN away like lightening bolt fast and in less than 2 seconds it was in the main room with me. As it galloped into the room (yes I´m using that term because it was ginormous!) I luckily had the door ready and booked our of the house, and shut my companion in the house with the spider until she killed it haha. The embarrassing thing is that the next door neighbor was having a porch coffee get together...and I was out in my moo moo ( night dress PJ grma style),  haha. Was I embarrassed, I´d be lieing if I said no, so I calmly explained what was happening and they began to laugh and tell me that they aren´t going to do anything. Finally my comp knocked on the door to let her out of the house because she killed it. I told the neighbors good night haha and then found out that she killed the thing with the area book. MAN and I have to touch that thing every night when I come home to update it. YUCK haha. 
It´s good to see ya´ll have had a fun summer! Now it´s back to the real life! Have fun with your jobs and school! Keep me posted on the hw, send me selfie with the homework so I know your actually doing it (ahem Casey) haha 
Hermana Van Woerkom 


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