Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1- 21-15

Hola familia!
Que lo que?! Things are going good in Bonao! I'm suprised at how much I know the area than I thought I did and my companion is SO SWEET! She's been helping me a ton with my spanish and has been helping with the members here as well. They've been a lot more open and inviting now that they have a dominican missionary in the ward. We have had a tought time with some of our investigators. We visited one of the ladies that came to our ward on Sunday and she's told us that she's not interested in joining any chuch, but likes to hear about the gospel. So we are starting from scratch again with finding people, but I know there are those out there that are ready. We just have to find them in the mass of Catholic people. The baby that one of our members in our ward had, passed away this week. It was really sad to see, it's amazing to see their testimony stronger from this experience and knowing family's are forever. That experience has really made me reflect on my family and the love I have for ya'll and the testimony I have knowing that I'll see all of my family after this life as well.
 First off, mom and dad that is so cool you found more names from our family to do in the temple. I miss getting that opportunity to go every week at the MTC! Here's a picture from what we did this P-day. We got to go to the waterfalls that are close to our area. I'll have to send more pictures later, but here's just one of my companion and the sisters in our zone. It's been so good hearing ya'll and what you've been doing!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Week 1-14-15

Hola familia!
BIG NEWS! Transfers were this week and......drum roll please.....my mommy left me :(. She's new in Santiago as an Hermana Leader.....and as for me....drum roll.....I'm still in Bonao! I'm excited, but extremely nervous at the same time. My companion and I were both shocked when we heard she was leaving. I guess it's not very common to have your trainer leave in the middle of your training. My new companion is Hermana Santana. She is from the DR in Santo Domingo. She does know quite a bit of English (such a blessing). She has 1 more transfer after that before she heads home. And we have 2 Elders in our district from Peru, so yeah I'm the only American. I'll definitely be learning the language much faster. I'm excited and EXTREMELY nervous at the same time. I don't really know the area that well or the people. I'm hoping this will be an opportunity for the members to help us out.  Thanks for the cute pictures of Charlotte. Love that little girl! Sorry about the pictures, for some reason they aren't sending so it's taking a while. I'm trying to find another way to send them to you. 
Anyway news about the area. One of the members had her baby this past week. She went to the clinic here and had to have a C-section and then from there the baby was rush to the hospital in Santo Domingo because he had a hole in his spine/back and then the next day had surgery. They are doing well and will hopefully continue to do so. 
We also have 2 new investigators that came to church this past Sunday! They said they had a good experience and were able to meet and connect with some of the members there. The work is continuing to progress in Bonao. 
Thanks for all you thoughts and prayers! Keep sending them my way! I think and pray for ya'll every night!
Hermana Van Woerkom


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Hola 2015!
How's is everything?! This week has been crazy! First we got to go out to a nursing home in our area and help out. We  got to sing and help with some other tasks like shaving and trimming nails. The Elderly there were pretty hilarious and fun to be around. One of the guys had a "child leash" on because he was known to hit people, as my companion found out while we were there. She was the first to take a blow to the arm. But, they were just amazing sweet people. 
Okay so they don't really celebrate Christmas, but when it comes to New Years Eve and New Years day is when people bring on the partying. We tried to go grocery shopping on the day we got our apoyo and all the stores were closed lol. And then a couple days after New Years they have a day of the Three Kings and that's when they give our presents. But, it's not like the states. You just give a small gift to someone. It's kinda nice to see. 
The hairs growing people lol. Slowly, but surely I know you all were worried :)
We also had our 5 week reunion yesterday and I was able to see my old MTC District. It was fun getting to see them and hear how they are all doing. And in two days we will have a Hermana's meeting with the President and his wife so that'll be a cool experience as well. \
Things are going slowly, but surely in Bonao. We are finding more people to teach and have found a couple families! Keep ya posted!
Sorry for the Short letter I'll make sure to write more next week!
Hermana Van Woerkom

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wow! It's almost 2015! Where has the time gone?!
It was so nice seeing everyone for Christmas! You all look so amazing in your hoodies and sweat pants and sweaters. I am definitely envious! People are wearing their sweaters too in this 80 degree weather as I'm sweatin' like a sinner in church! Well after skyping we went to a Christmas Eve dinner at a members house and it was super yummy! We had fresh fruit, rice, chicken, empanadas, and this plantain dessert. Then Christmas day we did what we do best....shared the gospel! A lot of people were home, just cause they don't really celebrate Christmas like they do in the U.S. It's more like being with your family, listening to LOUD music, and drinking. But we had a lot of appointments which was nice. I don't have a lot to write this week. Sorry! I got to talk to ya'll and pretty much told you everything that's happened haha. I'll send more pictures though. 
Today, we went to two salons. The salons here are literally like a milking barn, get in and get out. But the trick is, is you have to find an empty seat before you can get your hair done. So people are cutting in line and its crazy. So the first salon we waited for 4 hours....so we left and went to this other one and waited for 3. While I'm waiting for my hair cut I see this lady that's cutting our hair pull out this big beer bottle and helped herself to 5 red solo cups full of beer until she got to my hair. And guess what happened next?! I asked to get like an 1 1/2 inches off....But I can't really say inches because they don't use inches here. So I just pointed with my hand and said, "Un chin chin"....and she cut it....about 4 inches of it...Lets just say with the first snip of the scissors I felt how short she cut it. Don't worry I cried on the inside like a winner. I might send pictures next week of my new style of hair. It's maybe like a 1/2 inch below my sholders, so yeah just to give ya'll an idea. 
So the works is slowly progressing here. We have an investigator that is working towards baptism, but hasn't finished the lessons just yet. And she's moving to Santo Domingo the end of January :( She's amazing though and I'm sure her baptism will be just as special there and the members will be very supportive and friendly. 
Well I hope all is well!
Hermana Van Woerkom