Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1- 21-15

Hola familia!
Que lo que?! Things are going good in Bonao! I'm suprised at how much I know the area than I thought I did and my companion is SO SWEET! She's been helping me a ton with my spanish and has been helping with the members here as well. They've been a lot more open and inviting now that they have a dominican missionary in the ward. We have had a tought time with some of our investigators. We visited one of the ladies that came to our ward on Sunday and she's told us that she's not interested in joining any chuch, but likes to hear about the gospel. So we are starting from scratch again with finding people, but I know there are those out there that are ready. We just have to find them in the mass of Catholic people. The baby that one of our members in our ward had, passed away this week. It was really sad to see, it's amazing to see their testimony stronger from this experience and knowing family's are forever. That experience has really made me reflect on my family and the love I have for ya'll and the testimony I have knowing that I'll see all of my family after this life as well.
 First off, mom and dad that is so cool you found more names from our family to do in the temple. I miss getting that opportunity to go every week at the MTC! Here's a picture from what we did this P-day. We got to go to the waterfalls that are close to our area. I'll have to send more pictures later, but here's just one of my companion and the sisters in our zone. It's been so good hearing ya'll and what you've been doing!

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