Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Hola 2015!
How's is everything?! This week has been crazy! First we got to go out to a nursing home in our area and help out. We  got to sing and help with some other tasks like shaving and trimming nails. The Elderly there were pretty hilarious and fun to be around. One of the guys had a "child leash" on because he was known to hit people, as my companion found out while we were there. She was the first to take a blow to the arm. But, they were just amazing sweet people. 
Okay so they don't really celebrate Christmas, but when it comes to New Years Eve and New Years day is when people bring on the partying. We tried to go grocery shopping on the day we got our apoyo and all the stores were closed lol. And then a couple days after New Years they have a day of the Three Kings and that's when they give our presents. But, it's not like the states. You just give a small gift to someone. It's kinda nice to see. 
The hairs growing people lol. Slowly, but surely I know you all were worried :)
We also had our 5 week reunion yesterday and I was able to see my old MTC District. It was fun getting to see them and hear how they are all doing. And in two days we will have a Hermana's meeting with the President and his wife so that'll be a cool experience as well. \
Things are going slowly, but surely in Bonao. We are finding more people to teach and have found a couple families! Keep ya posted!
Sorry for the Short letter I'll make sure to write more next week!
Hermana Van Woerkom

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