Thursday, January 15, 2015

Week 1-14-15

Hola familia!
BIG NEWS! Transfers were this week and......drum roll mommy left me :(. She's new in Santiago as an Hermana Leader.....and as for me....drum roll.....I'm still in Bonao! I'm excited, but extremely nervous at the same time. My companion and I were both shocked when we heard she was leaving. I guess it's not very common to have your trainer leave in the middle of your training. My new companion is Hermana Santana. She is from the DR in Santo Domingo. She does know quite a bit of English (such a blessing). She has 1 more transfer after that before she heads home. And we have 2 Elders in our district from Peru, so yeah I'm the only American. I'll definitely be learning the language much faster. I'm excited and EXTREMELY nervous at the same time. I don't really know the area that well or the people. I'm hoping this will be an opportunity for the members to help us out.  Thanks for the cute pictures of Charlotte. Love that little girl! Sorry about the pictures, for some reason they aren't sending so it's taking a while. I'm trying to find another way to send them to you. 
Anyway news about the area. One of the members had her baby this past week. She went to the clinic here and had to have a C-section and then from there the baby was rush to the hospital in Santo Domingo because he had a hole in his spine/back and then the next day had surgery. They are doing well and will hopefully continue to do so. 
We also have 2 new investigators that came to church this past Sunday! They said they had a good experience and were able to meet and connect with some of the members there. The work is continuing to progress in Bonao. 
Thanks for all you thoughts and prayers! Keep sending them my way! I think and pray for ya'll every night!
Hermana Van Woerkom


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