Friday, June 19, 2015

Week of June 17, 2015

I´m dying in the heat. If you haven´t noticed my hair has gotten really white. My roots are now blond blond blond my companion says, and my skin is turning a nice brown. We have a washer and dryer at the house, but its not really a dryer it whicks the wettness and we hang out clothes. yep old fashion. ill send pictures of it next week. Well our pdays are always busy but this pday we decided to not hit the beach for the millionth time and sleep in! and eat junk food from the package you sent. here´s a picture of it. We moved out beds together and watched love comes softly that some elder has haha. and made fun of how cheesy it is. yes since i can´t enjoy a good movie I like making fun of church movies now. the super old ones like The Legacy or the Testaments. That´s how I get my kick now and days. Speaking of in 1 month I´ll hit my nine month mark .Can you believe it? I´ll be home in 10 months right now. Crazy! Get my iphone ready for me!
First off I thought when mom ended her letter with ¨we send our love to you along with our prayers¨that is said ¨we send our love to you along with our papers¨haha I about died mission papers? I´m not even home yet!
Anyway, the birthday was super super fun. I told you we went zip lining.And then after we went to a place called Tia Pan and got this smoothies at 5 o´clock, because you know, I turned the big 21 and as good old Kenny Chesney sings ïts 5 o´clock somewhere haha. And the next day my companion surprised me with a district lunch at the church. So we had some lunch and a cheesecake. Super fun. I did get the package! THANK YOU! I loved my little birthday card and hitting the button and having you guys sing happy birthday. To top off the birthday week I got to go on intercambios with the lady that is like my mom in the mission (the one who worships Jose Smith haha and tricked me) to Bonao because my investigator and one of her daughters got baptized! Yay! So that definitely was the highlight of my week. 
Okay story for the week. You´ll never guessed what happened to me yesterday. So there´s this dog that is apparently ¨vicious¨according to my companion, who will come and always try to bite you (usually she says its her companions). Normally we try to avoid going down that ally way where he lives, but yesterday it was just super hot and my companion was like well lets just go and walk fast so he can´t get us. So we walk super fast out of the ally way and we didn´t see him. And as we walk about 100 feet towards the colmado we see the dog (like german shepard size) walking down the street toward us with his owner. The owner stops us in the street to shake my companions hand. And as she´s shaking his hand I´m looking at the dog whose sizing me up (no joke). So as the guys puts out his hand to shake mine I didn´t want to be rude and not shake his hand, but I knew that if I turned around the dog was going to do something. Being the nice person I am I turn to shake his hand and as I do so the dog jumps on his back hind legs and bites the lip of my back, barely missing my back. UGH! I screamed and the owner was just like ökay see ya guys later¨and just walks with his dog! NOTHING, he didn´t do anything! My heavens you know how much I love dogs, but now I´m on the I hate dogs here streak. So now I´ve been carrying my umbrella, and I´m on the look out for some pepper spray. Ugh that mad me soooo mad haha. But, it´s okay, I´m alive and the dogs alive to see another day.....for now haha. 
It´s fun to see ya´lls pictures! Send me more, especially of your trip back to OKC! 
Hermana Van Woerkom


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