Saturday, June 6, 2015

May 27th

Okay so my letter will probably be short, but on the plus side I spent most of my time sending ya'll pics! sorry! They've been long over due. So these pictures are from this transfer, but mostly from last transfer. However, most of the pictures are from Puerto Plata where I'm now serving! The ones with the family are from my old area and my old investigators. They were super super special and really really hard to leave. I got to see the one investigators baby grow up and just before I left she started to say Hermana every time we went by. Ah! I wish I could have taken her here with me! The other family was very special as well, the mom was blind, but we gave her the hiymns and the book of mormon on tape and she had a strong testimony. However, lets get to talking about my area now. Um to sum it up in 3 words.....I LOVE IT! The members here are really special! If you were to compare my two areas its like night and day. We are in a ward, that is run very similar to the wards in the states. Our Bishop is super sweet and calls us his daughters. He actually has a daughter that is serving in Belize I think. Anyway he says that he has a lot of respect for us and says that he's always there if we need anything. The members are amazing as well! We are in a richer area, I would probably say the "Beverly Hills" of the Dominican so most of them have cars and whenever they drive by they always offer to give us rides. They also love to work with the missionaries! One day we were walking to an appointment and a member saw us and chased us down to give us a reference. That DEFINITELY doesn't happen every day. I hope your being good members and giving references to the missionaries!!   Just as the members are super loving towards us, our investigators have just as much love if not more! It's so easy to love these people here! Well we are definitely seeing miracles here.  My companion and I set up 7 baptismal dates since I've been here! I'm so amazed and excited to see their progress and growth in the gospel! Another blessing is that  their accents here aren't as thick as they are in Bonao, so I can actually understand them a LOT clearer than where I was haha. Well I'm going to close for now, but I love you guys so much and pray for you always!
Hermana Van Woerkom 

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