Saturday, August 8, 2015


Hi everyone, nothing too crazy has happened this week. May I add to the hit list LINDSEY AND CASEY because they didn´t send me a letter OR pictures of the Lady Antebellum concert OR of Hunter Hayes. NEITHER the pics. of my adorable niece and nephew. REPENT REPENT! Mom´s the only one that´s getting loved this week because she sent me a mommy loves me package haha. I haven´t gotten it yet, but it´s coming.
Okay what to say what to say. Last week was wonderful. We were able to visit all of our investigators and most of our less actives. Things are still a go for Diahna and Davely´s baptism. This week is going to be crazy to say the least! I´m a little stressed, but it´ll be fine. Yesterday we had a sisters meeting in Santiago, which was a 2 hour drive, came back from that only to be able to proselyte for a little bit. And with our luck all of our appointments fell through! AH! Atleast we had the opportunity to take a member with us and invite our investigators to the baptism the elders are having this Saturday. THEN I get a call saying that I have to go today back to Santiago by 4, spending the night at the mission home, and the next day going to Santo Domingo to get my visa renewed. So I´m leaving my mini here and going on intercambios with another sister so she´ll be helping proselyte in their area all Thursday. And then on Friday we have a special Capacitation in Navarette which is an hour and a half from our area. And we will get back in time to help the Elders throw a party for the people getting married who are getting baptized the day after. And on Saturday we are getting up early to help clean the church, my companion is practicing a special number for the baptism. In all its going to be crazy and we won´t be able to visit the people we had planned to visit so our numbers are going to be terrible! Ah! BUT something that I have learned is that I´m working with people and not numbers. And that every moment is the Lords time and he can see what we are really doing with the time that we have. 
So here are a couple pictures of what we´ve done this week. The Relief Society had a sleep over in their PJ´s. I was invited, but couldn´t go because my mini isn´t of Relief Society age yet. SO I decided to sneak over and surprise them and take a selfie of them in the PJ´s. It was soo fun! We also ate at the Bishops house, and a less active this week So I brought little treats over for them to try that are popular in the U.S. Rice Krispies to the less active and Funeral Potato´s to the Bishop´s. What´s funny is that they don´t eat those kinds of things here so when I brought it over they thought it was SUPER FANCY and said that I will be blessed to find a husband quickly because I can cook. I was laughing so hard, on the inside of course, at their comments. So now you know if anything, my future husband and I will be surviving off of Funeral Potato´s and Rice Krispies haha. 
Hope all is well, keep being great! 
Love, Hermana Van Woerkom

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