Sunday, August 23, 2015


Haha so yes I´m training. I found out thursday. I was on my way to renew my visa in Santo Domingo and we spent the night at the Presidents house. I got this call in the ruta. It was a number I didn´t recognize so I answered and heard SISTER VAN HOW ARE YOU and I was like good who is this. Then he said President Castillo. And I was like OH PRESIDENT HOW ARE YOU! lol and he said oh so you in Santiago so I´ll talk to you when you get to the house. So I get to the house with all these other sisters and he came up to me, shook my hand and said ¨sister congradulations. You can´t make it to the meeting, but that´s okay we will tell you later what happened, and then he left! I was so confused and so I followed him into the kitchen and asked. President I´m confused what meeting am I missing. And he was like Hermana your training. WHAT! I don´t even get asked lol. But it´s okay I know that it´s something the Lord trusts me to do and it´s another way to help me grow. I still feel like such a greenie though haha even though next week I´ll have 10 months in the mission! Her name is Hermana Baez and she´s from here in Santo Domingo. SHE IS AMAZING1 I´m excited to kick it back into gear and get to work! We have a baptism this Saturday so if you could pray extra hard and especially for them that everything runs smoothly on Saturday I would be so grateful. Love you all and sorry that this was a short letter. Oh and I didn´t get the mommy and daddy loves me package! Thank you! It came last week! 
LOVE YOU ALL! Congratulations Lonnie and Clark! Can´t wait to meet my little niece or nephew! Keep me posted!

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