Sunday, August 23, 2015


Hey everyone!
Sounds like the sick season has started. And....yes unfortuantely I´ve been sick too! This is day number eight with the chain smoker cough and its not been fun. I´ve called the nurse in the mission and she´s told me that I need to stay home for a couple was a little complicated because we kinda had baptismal interviews and a baptism on Saturday so I just said.....AIN´T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. And kinda bended the rules....just a tad. BUT GOOD NEWS is that Diahna and Davely are now members! YAY! And we have re activated her grandma! Even betta! They are going to go to the temple this week to with the ward! SO great! Okay now let me just tell you about my companionship. I LOVE IT! We have soooo much fun together and die laughing. Literally I´m dying laughing because its hard for me to breath with the sickness. So here are some of our experiences thus far. 
Story 1- you know how viscous these dogs are here in Puerto Plata. Well We go to a less actives house to visit and their dog is on the average size of big. And as we enter my companion is hiding behind me, and the dog can tell she´s nervous so the dog starts snipping at her heels. And she´s nervously laughing saying Princesa no no. haha I was dying because she was such a chicken. HOWEVER right after the lesson we walk out of their gate start heading down the mountain to find these two dachshund dogs barking running at us. I freeze and start to jog up the mountain again when my companion stops me and says no don´t run don´´t run. As I turn around I find Princesa running from the top of the mountain down towards us. So we are sandwiched between these two dogs. So the first thing I do is get the keys out because I had nothing else to use. Luckily the owners got their dogs and we were good, but my companion was dying laughing because she didn´t know what I was planning on doing with the keys. Yeah joke was on me haha. 
Story 2- The bishop told me i needed a blessing on sunday so the elders said they´d be able to do it for me. As the elder took his oil out it slipped out of his hands, hit my shoulder, hit my companions skirt, and his companions pants, and fell to the floor. He then says oh this is slippery. And then starts trying to tap the oil out. His companion offers his for him to use and the elder just says this just doesn´t want to come out. Then uses his companions whole bottle on me....Lets just say that I wasn´t the only one blessed in the room that day haha. 
Anyway the work and the members here in Puerto Plata is progressing and amazing. As I complete 10 months this week its crazy to see where all the time has gone! I literally have more time in the mission now than out of the mission. AH! Crazy! I love this area. Puerto Plata really does have my heart and they really are my family. This bishop calls us his daughters, the bishops brother calls himself our second dad, I´ve got someone who´s like my mom, and a lady named Mari Luz that´s just like my grandma.  I really will cry when I have to leave here. Thanks for all that your doing and I´ll keep you in my prayers.
Big hugs,
Hermana Van Woerkom  

 Yea! Mc Donalds!
 An Oklahoma representative - love the hat!!!
Lots of Chocolate..this is my grandma that got sick this Sunday. Her left face was twitching and her muscles went weak on only her left side. She complained of stomach problems as well. The hospital doesn´t know what happened....but I think it was a stroke. She´s doing better THANK GOODNESS! I bought her some chocolate cookies and chocolate because yeah {cosas de mujeres haha] please keep mari luz in your prayers|

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