Monday, April 6, 2015

Week April 1st.

Let me give you a brief update on Hermana Van Woerkom.  She was walking home from a investigator's house and fell in a pothole on the road.  Went to the ER.  They wanted to give her an IV and of course KJ refused.  They thought she tore some tendons and put a cast on her.  Two weeks later she is still in a cast and they think it might be a fracture.

So my foot still hurts. I guess they are saying it was a fracture so I'm not exactly sure whats going on. I was suppose to get it off this Tuesday, the nurse of the mission wanted me to go on Tuesday to Santiago to one of the specialists up there. HOWEVER, as luck would have it, I woke up the next day with hard core "intestinal problems". A.K.A. vomiting and diarrhea. So there went that plan so we were going to shoot for today to leave, however I'm still having this problem. Anyway all is good. Positive attitude is big at this point, we've been pointing out the funny experiences from this. At one point we had no minutes on our phone to call anyone, we were out of food and money, and my companion couldn't leave the house to go get food without me. LUCKILY the Elders came by to check on us that day so we were able to get food. The next day was Sunday, so our minutes finally came, but as we were cooking lunch our GAS went out! ahh! So then we had minutes to call for gas and food, but now we couldn't cause its the sabbath day haha and the food we did have has to be cooked! haha It was pretty funny, so I told my comp that nothing else could go wrong except that the lights went out, and that night they did! haha oh shoot, and after that I told her now really nothing else could go wrong, and that's when I got sick, so I'
m not saying those words anymore! haha. But really, things are going to get better. We got to watch the other side of Heaven the other day and I teased my comp at the part where the kid was dying and says "I see the light, greet the light and teasing that I'm going to greet the light soon. But, no worries I promise that I won't greet the light :). i hope all is well and that work and school get better for everyone. Your in my prayers! As Dominicans like to say, "don't eat anything off the floor, they are poisoning the dogs"
love you tons!
Hermana Van Woerkom

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