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last 4 letters. April 21st latest I am a little behind and now caught up :)

 hey sorry, we weren't by a computer and then we didn't have wifi. Im alive and well don't worry. The family has committed that if they know the gospel is true that they will be baptized. Right now they need to go to church and get married in order to progress. And we haven't taught them the law of chastity quite yet. However, the girlfriend said that she will go to church with us this Sunday. The husband takes more time. I think he just gets nervous with change. He's finally praying at the end of lessons and even then he gets nervous about that and says that his prayers aren't very good, even though we reassure him. I told him that he won't know if he likes church if he doesn't go and he won't know the importance of church and if the church is true if he doesn't go. Then I gave him the example of their daughter that you can give her something to eat, but if she doesn't try it she won't know if its good. I'm hoping it clicked for him and that he'll come soon. We are on our own "lock down" here too. There is a Huelga this Thursday and Friday. There was one on Tuesday at the store that we didn't know about and we were out proselyting. Oopsies. But we are good, luckily we were with the Elders that night for a familiy home evening. I'm suppose to have my boot on until next Tuesday, but I've not used it for the past 2 days because its so hot here that its uncomfortable. Don't worry thought I'm being careful! Yay linds finished! Now all she has to do is relax and hang out with the nieces and nephews! She better not take my spot being the favorite aunt!
love you and sorry for the scare
hermana van woerkom
Hows life? Everything is going good here! Today has been a pretty busy day. We just had transfers and my companion is dead (aka going home from her mission) :( So so sad. It's a bummer to see her go. My new companion's name is Hermana Bonilla. She was in my same zone, got transferred last transfer to a different area, and now she is back in our zone with me. So she's just across the street from her old area again. She's from Guatamala and doesn't know English, so my Spanish will be put to the test! It'll be good though, it'll get me out of my comfort zone and will literally be Spanish 24/7 now! Well I don't have too much of an update right now. We went to my old companions dead (going home) meeting on Monday, that same night I got my cast off (HALLELUJAH), we spent the night at the mission home (which was good, but totally weird) got up that morning (on Tuesday) got my x rays, went home to Bonao, and got up this morning for transfers. I'm at the mission office right now writing and waiting to go to the hospital so that we can evaluate my xrays to see what I need to do. So once I find out I'll keep you updated. I did get your package mom! Thanks so much for the easter treats! My district says thank you too :). I haven't had time to read the talk yet, but it's definitely on my list of things to do. Well I'm going to let you go and I'll write you if I have time later today and tell you what the doctor says. Well I hope all is well! Linds graduation is coming up so I'm sure she's stressing out like crazy. Remind her to take a chill pill ;) And congrats to Casey and his internship!  I love and pray for you guys daily. Especially since I've been stuck in the house :). 
Hermana Van Woerkom

So to start off so mom doesn't have a heart attack or I forget to write about this, the cast is finally off! Can I get a hallelujah! So here's the play by play of what all happened. On Monday my old companion who (completed her mission) had her leaving meeting we ran to the hospital after before it closed to get my cast off. The doctor wanted my x ray to look at my foot, but I accidentally left it in Bonao which is an hour and a half away. So the doctor was questioning whether or not to take my cast off. At this point I was freaking out on the inside because I wanted this puppy off, luckily the mission nurse brought a boot so he took it off. Then by that time it was late, so we spent the night at the mission home and the next day we headed back to Bonao. We then went back to Santiago on Wednesday to pick up my new companion and see the specialist again to compare xrays from the beginning to now. The doctor couldn't see any fractures so that was a good sign! All that is left as a result from the torn tendons is fluid and swelling. They are just stretched out pretty bad and are trying to heal themselves. When I left the doctor he said that I have the boot for another 3 weeks. The funny part is that I was on crutches at the office and the doctor was like, "she needs to get rid of those soon, lets start now" and then he said "walk!". So I tried walking, it was more like stumbling, and then he said "yeah she needs the crutches still". Anyway thats the funny part. Good news is that I get to go out proselyting every day for 2 hours! My foot is pretty stiff and only starts hurting towards the end of the day. There's a nasty fluid pocket on my ankle, but I think its cause I don't put my foot up like i should.Anyway that's the story on that.
Okay the update for this week, this week is the week of the HUELGAS or the strikes. So we didn't get to go out monday, yesterday. or today. The worst of it is in Bonao 2, but just to be safe we don't leave the house. The funny thing is we were cooking yesterday and as we were eating our eyes were really agitated and so we were literally crying and couldn't figure out why. Then we finally figured out it was from the tear gas that they were using in the huelgas. haha but everythings good we are safe and sound here.
Things are good with the new companionship. She doesn't know english so this is a good exercise for my Spanish skills haha. I knew her before. She was in Bonao 2 at the beginning of her mission and then later was transfered to La Vega and is now back, but in Bonao 1. 
Love you all and take care!
hermana van woerkom
 So my foot still hurts. I guess they are saying it was a fracture so I'm not exactly sure whats going on. I was suppose to get it off this Tuesday, the nurse of the mission wanted me to go on Tuesday to Santiago to one of the specialists up there. HOWEVER, as luck would have it, I woke up the next day with hard core "intestinal problems". A.K.A. vomiting and diarreha. So there went that plan so we were going to shoot for today to leave, however I'm still having this problem. Anyway all is good. Positive attitude is big at this point, we've been pointing out the funny experiences from this. At one point we had no minutes on our phone to call anyone, we were out of food and money, and my companion couldn't leave the house to go get food without me. LUCKILY the Elders came by to check on us that day so we were able to get food. The next day was Sunday, so our minutes finally came, but as we were cooking lunch our GAS went out! ahh! So then we had minutes to call for gas and food, but now we couldn't cause its the sabbath day haha and the food we did have has to be cooked! haha It was pretty funny, so I told my comp that nothing else could go wrong except that the lights went out, and that night they did! haha oh shoot, and after that I told her now really nothing else could go wrong, and thats when I got sick, so Im not saying those words anymore! haha. But really, things are going to get better. We got to watch the other side of Heaven the other day and I teased my comp at the part where the kid was dying and says "I see the light, greet the light and teasing that I'm going to greet the light soon. But, no worries I promise that I won't greet the light :). i hope all is well and that work and school get better for everyone. Your in my prayers! As Dominicans like to say, "don't eat anything off the floor, they are poisoning the dogs"
love you tons!
Hermana Van Woerkom

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