Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hola Familia!
This week I turned 4 months Dominican! Wow has time flown! It's been so good hearing from everyone! Okay okay here's the low down for this week. Translados was yesterday and....drumroll companion and I are staying together which means that I'm going to kill her! Oh so sad, but we are both excited to be together one more transfer! However, as Adele says "rumor has it" that our area might be shutting down, so we will see. One of the Elders from my District has left and the other Elder will be training an American, so now I'm not the only white kid on the block! 
So here's the funny story of the week for you
okay story 1

So our area's still struggling, but my companion and I are still searching for answers on what to do with this area. ESPECIALLY the members. It's just hard trying to help people who don't want to change or are comfortable the way they are. One thing that my companion and I have REALLY tried to focus on is bringing the spirit into Sacrament meeting. So one thing that we did this last week was sang a musical number, "Senor Te Neccisito". I know what your thinking "what Hermana VW sang in SACRAMENT MEETING! That's so unlike her!" Yeah I know, the only reason I agreed to this was because Dominican people really really can't hold a tune, so we sound really good here lol. But, it was really good we did a duet in English and in Spanish and you could definitely feel the spirit in sacrament meeting, atleast for a little bit (finally!). 
Well I hope everyone is doing well in school and with work! I pray for ya'll every day! I'll try to pray for the snow to come down here so your not getting too slammed with it down south. It's so freakin' hot. I'm also praying for my little Cam Bam that everything goes well at the doctors tomorrow. Keep me posted! I'll try to pray for your cold to go away Lonnie....while I'm on the toilet praying for my health too ;) lol Too much info too much info yo se yo se. 
Love you all,
Hermana Van Woerkom

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