Sunday, March 8, 2015



What did Noah say to the animals? MARCH 4th! They don't have animal crackers here, but it's raining so I'm hoping that I'll get a rainbow to end ark day ;). I got the letter on Monday with all the pictures ya'll sent! Thanks! It was fun! I LOVE getting pictures of ya'll. 
So this past week was a little crazy due to Independence day here and Carnival. They've had the Carnival concert behind our house these past couple nights making sleep time very difficult. Occasionally they'll play a few American songs so it's all good. I'm now up to date on that. No just kidding. The more I've been here the more it makes me laugh on all the funny phrases they have here. This place reminds me so much of Casey, Linds, and I watching Madea. If I guess what ethnicity Madea was, I would probably say she was Dominican. 
For example, we were contacting and got to have a lesson with this nice older lady. When we asked what blessings she's seen from her Heavenly Father in her life she asked, "Blessing or blessings" so we repeated "blessings". And then she began to pray and bless us. Oh it was so hilarious and sweet. She mean well haha. My companion taught me a new phrase too when we were hanging out with the Elders, they like to say, "Don't eat off the floor, they're poisoning the dogs". 
Well we are trying to help our area progress as much as we can. We had a meeting with President Douglas and our Branch President on how we can see this area grow. We will be meeting with them again soon on the goals and what action we are going to take in these upcoming weeks. I hope we will be able to help the branch president out in accomplishing his vision. 
I see you've been getting a lot of snow! Send some my way ;) Keep me posted on little Camden and give Charlotte a squeeze!
Hermana Van Woerkom
  Blast from the past. New companionship just a few weeks into her mission.

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