Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Hola familia!
This weeks been crazy, but fun! First off it was Hermana Santana's Birthday so I HAD to do something special. The first picture is evidence of what we did. Yes, I bought a little bottle of bubbly to celebrate the big 21! Of course it was the sweet bubbly of soda. It was pretty embarrassing buying it at the colmado, asking for the non-acoholic grape juice! 
Things are progressing a little in Bonao! We've been meeting with our investigators and have two families that have said they've prayed about it and know the church is true. Something cool that happened is one of our investigators is blind and at the beginning when we've been teacher her she had really bad depression. Since we've been meeting with her she's a lot more happier. She always wants us to visit every day and wants to know more and more about the gospel. Since she can't read we were going to put an order for the CD's of the BOM and Himnos on tape. The next day Hermana Santana got a package from her mom for her Birthday that had the CD's on tape! It's was a little tender mercy because she hadn't even asked her mom or said anything to her family about them. 
We also had a special broadcast specifically for the Carribbean given by Elder Holland, Elder Packer, and some other important people that I can't remember right now. IT. WAS. AMAZING. They had translators for Elder Packer and Elder Holland. But at the very end of Elder Hollands talk he bore his testimony in Spanish. It was so amazing and so powerful to hear his testimony in a language he doesn't know and is uncomfortable with speaking. It just shows that it's the spirit that's felt not the words that are said. He's also coming on a tour of the Carribbean areas in March so I'm hoping he stops by this neck of the woods!
Well I hope everything is going well. Its so nice seeing pictures of my cute little nicece and nephew (a.k.a Kins and G-money). So START SENDING PICTURES OF THE OTHER TATER TOTS! 
Here's my mission address for letters you've been asking for : SDQ 8013, POBOX 025725, Miami, FL 33102 5725 and packages: SDQ 8013 2250 NW 114th Ave Unit 1A Miami, FL  33172 3652
Love you all! 
Hermana Van Woerkom

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