Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Okay first I want to say HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE GAVIN MAN! Ï hope you have a fantastic one! I´m sending him a little letter in the mail. Sorry it´s coming late! Things are fantastic in Bonao. My companion and I are still as crazy as ever, and loving every moment here. This week we had a zone meeting and I didn´t get any of your packages or letters sniff sniff, but I know it´s coming. I did however get a letter from one of my old companions at the CCM. We were just talking about the crazy experiences we´ve had thus far. 
I told her that the two motto´s that I´m sticking to while on my mission is 1. to expect the unexpected or expect what you don´t want to happen to happen. Let me give you an example of this. Ahem I told you my biggest fear at the beginning was losing my luggage on the plane and getting put into a trio on the mission. And all of that happened day 1. After that my trainer left me in the middle of my training, leaving me to an area I didn´t know. And my second motto is President really is inspired on where he needs us and who we need to be with, so just be patient and you´ll figure out they why´s soon enough. Sometimes I feel like I´m not going to make it out of here alive! Just kidding, but I´ve grown sooo much from this roller coaster ride and it´s definitely been fun. 
Okay a little about my investigators, so one of the family´s that is progressing was suppose to go to church with us, but the husbands mom got sick and they had to drive up to Constanza  to help her. Boo! So hopefully they´ll get to come this week. 
We also had a Noche de Hogar as a ward at a members house. You´re going to like this Casey. We were in the middle of playing a game that involved closing our eyes and I didn´t want to play the game after I looked up and found directly above my head a roach on the wall. All I could think of is 1. Lindsey yelling ¨La cucaracha¨ and 2. Casey singing that obnoxious made up song of his ¨everybody in the roach pit all eyes on us¨to that brittney Spears song. Lets just say that if I felt anything touch me while my eyes were closed I was going to book it out of that house. 
And lastly, to answer your questions this is what I´ve been eating down here...They looovvvee la bandera which is rice, beans, and meat. This is pretty much their life. They also do empanadas which are the bomb. They do have those nasty sardines, but I´ve been blessed to dodge those bullets on multiple occasions, Quipe, they make arroz on leche which is like rice pudding, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fruit that I´m for certain they don´t have in the states called Chinola. So flippin good. They have a yummy thing called San cocho I don´t know if that´s even spelled right but it´s like a soup that they like throw in like a whole chicken or meat with bones and everything that´s pretty good, Habechuela which is like beans. And that´s pretty much all I can think of for now. 
Okay Hope all is well and love you tons! I´ll keep you posted on those packages!
Hermana Van Woerkom
 I forgot to mention this month is the month of Carnival. And let me just tell you that it´s nothing like the movie RIO from Disney. It´s like some devil worship thing that people do every sunday. This picture is hilarious BECAUSE we are headed to La Vega for a Conferencia de Zona and La Vega is the number 2 world wide from what my companion said when it comes to the Carnival festival. This picture is all the set up for carnival and off to the left you can´t really see it, but there´s a fence and that´s where this small white church building is. Literally they built carnival all around our church building in La Vega. What apostasy right. And I´ll send you a picture too there´s a picture of Satan looking down at the church building parking lot that Hermana Santana and I took a picture with. Funny huh_

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