Wednesday, March 23, 2016


And another P'day bites the dust,
Well this week was jam packed full of fun! We started off the week with a zone meeting and discussed what we could do to better our areas and strengthen them. We also had a conference with Elder Cornish of the seventy who helped explain to us the escalater of success as missionaries. Inbetween the meeting we had a lunch where he asked to sit with my companion and I, and a couple other sisters that were with us! He was super helpful and nice!
Then after that we had a trip to the hospital. Don´t panick, it wasn´t for me this time, it was for my companion. But don´t worry it was just a check up for her and everything is fine. By the way, I did wear green last week so that´s why nothing happened. Remember last St. Patricks day in the mission I broke my foot. Haha oh the memories. Anyway the fun thing about that is I got to play translator because the doctor didn´t know what her symptoms were and my comp didn´t know how to explain it. Well cool thing is now I have new vocabulary that might come in handy one day!
And the highlight of the week BY FAR. I SAW A DASCHUND! We were walking up to a less actives house and out of the blue I see this weener dog walking around and of course I had to take a picture to represent the herritage! I asked the owner what his name was and naturally she was in her thick accent ´hot dug´ HAHAHA. Too funny, but yes we connected hotdog and I.
Well I´m super stoked for Womens Conference this week! Even more so for EASTER! What better way to celebrate the Savior than on the mission testifying of him and having the opportunity to be a representative of Him. Love you all and have a great week!
Hermana Van Woerkom

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