Friday, May 22, 2015


Well here's the story. You know that I asked President Douglas if I could have one more transfer in Bonao, and he said that it wasn't written in blood, but more or less I could serve there. Anyway just for fire insurance, my old comp and I prayed every day together for me to stay one more transfer. And I felt really really good about it. WELL, transfers comes around and they get to the Elders in Constanza and they said that they'll be staying together. They both sighed in relief saying that they had been praying to stay together too. They get to us and say that I'll be headed out! Ah, I was sooo disapointed! I thought our prayers didn't work, however they then told me that I'll be headed to Puerto Plata and be companions with none other than HERMANA BRADFORD! My old comp in the MTC! AAAHHH! Its super funny because she had been praying for the opportunity of us being atleast in the same zone for a while. I guess her prayers trumpped mine this time. But, I'm totally okay with it! She's amazing And I'm excited to have the opportunity to be with her again. We will be getting our new mission president soon so I'm sad for the change, but it'll be good. Its been good hearing from everyone! Love you tons and I'll send you pics soon And that promise is written in blood haha :) 
Love Hermana Van Woerkom
 It was so nice to see Hermana on Skype on mothers day!
May 13th
 Hey fam!
Since ya'll complain that my letters are short I'll write you a good long one this week :) It was soo nice talking to you!! Things are good in Bonao, it was a little crazy this week with our investigators. We went to visit a family and the mom came out really pale looking, and I ask if she was okay. As she was coming to unlock the gate to let us in she just collapsed on the ground. My companion and I scrambled inbetween the bars to get the keys and then her husband rushed her to the hospital. So we haven't really gotten to teach the family this week ;/ but we went to check on her and she's doing better! We also got to go to Constanza this week to do a Consecha! Its up in the mountains and it was so nice and cool! Probably in the 60-70s! They don't get mosquitos their either so I was literally in heaven haha. Other than that ward wise I'm practicing for the branch conference that we will be having. I think that the little primary kids are going to be singing, but I'm not sure what the plan is yet. Well I better let you go, but it was so good seeing you guys the past Sunday and seeing my cute neices and nephews! THEY ARE GETTING SO BIG!
Love and pray for ya'll every day
Hermana Van Woerkom

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