Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dec. 3, 2014

First off, congrats Corey and Kristie on Little Charlotte! She´s a cutie! Give her lots of hugs and kisses for me! So I´m officially in my first área Bonao! My companions name is Hermana Bowen from Utah.We are right underneath the mountains. THEY ARE SO PRETTY! Definitely notApalachian or the Rockies, but they are SO GEORGEOUS! It reminds me of the mountains from the TV show LOST. So I´ll be serving in a branch. My companion and I are the only hermanas in our District. They have very VERY colorful houses here which is super fun. Um, yeah I just got here today so I don´t know very much about it, but I´ll give you more details next email. Last week we had an AMAZING Thanksgiving. It was super special. They prepared an amazing meal and I got pumpkin pie which was the best! I´m glad to hear ya´ll had an amazing Thanksgiving as well! We had our dinner as a District and have gotten so close that it felt like having Thanksgiving with family. I won´t be able to send pictures this email, but next week I´ll be able to hopefully. Today´s just been kinda busy. We got our assignments last night at 1130PM and got up this morning at 5. Then we left around 6 to the área where we were all getting ready, organized, and transferred. So our District all left slowly one by one which was kinda sad, but we get to meet up again in two weeks. I was the second to last to head out and we left around 3. So we were sitting at the stop for a while. Santiago is about 3 hours away from the CCM and we drove an hour back towards the CCM where Bonao is. You´ll have to look it up on a map. But, yeah it´s definitely weird starting over again, but it´ll be great! I´m excited to see what´s in store here!
con amor
Hermana VW 

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