Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Okay so a little more info about my area. Like I said we are in a branch. There are a TON of members here, enough to have a ward.But only 25ish of them show up. They've had a lot of struggles, but we are trying to build them back up. Right now they are dependent on the missionaries, but we are trying to make them independent. Right now I'm focusing a lot on learning the language,the names of the people, who is less active, an investigator, ect. But, so far so good. The area is nice, it's a tiny town in the countryside. Hermana Bowen and I are literally the only white people in our district and town. Which means we get a lot of cat calls and marriage proposals. Some guys said they wanted us for Christmas. Which is a joke they have here in our zone because you'll sometimes here the men say to the white Hermanas "Bye bye my visa", because they want to go to the states.
For the most part though the people here are very sweet. Because I don't know the language very well I don't speak a whole lot. When we go in to appointments my compaion will ask them who they would want to say the prayer or explain something to them and they always choose me and say, "I want here (and they point to me) to say it because she doesn't talk very much". Or the other day some girls stopped by on the street and said that our eyes are pretty and then said to my companion, "Why doesn't she talk a lot". haha it's kinda funny, but I'm learning a little bit more everyday. Sometimes it feels like drinking out of a fire hydrant, but it's coming. I'm learning a lot more here than at the MTC. So just make sure to keep me in your prayers that I'll continue progressing with the language please, because your prayers are super important. 
Okay, last story for you before I head out. So here are some pictures for ya'll. Most of these are from the MTC. I'll take some more of the area soon, but there is one picture of me with this dog. So a little background info. there are a LOT of stray gatos and perros here. It's really sad to see because a lot of them will have broken legs or mange,ect. But, here's a picture with my little friend Joe. Joe is this grey chiuaua that is a stray. He will literally follow us to EACH appointment and wait outside the door for us until we are finished and pick back up walking to the next appointment. When we lock the gate to our appartment at night he'll just stay outside and whine and wait for us the next day. He actually slipped through the gates and waited by our door one night. So we have to swap him with our books sometimes so he doesn't do it again. But, I like to think of him as our little pal. Super cute. So if anyone needs a dog in the states I reccomend him ;). Anyway times up ,but I love ya'll and pray for you all the time!
Hermana Van Woerkom
On Splits by the beach.

Thanksgiving at the MTC

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