Monday, November 3, 2014

Okay so this letter is pretty much going to be addressed to everyone! I've realized that email time is a SUPER SACRED TIME haha so I'm trying to type as fast as I can. Okay, well I'm in a tri-companionship. Something I wasn't really expecting, but definitely a learning experience that I'm ready to tackle. We get along pretty well, I think our biggest focus is learning the language and trying to communicate with each other. So how's the language going you may ask? haha next question. haha no it's definitely a learning experience and I'm definitely learning patience. One of the girls in my companionship has taken Spanish for 10 years so when Hermana Stevens and I are struggling she fills in for us. BUT I've made a deal with one of the Latina girls that I would help her with her English if she'd help me with my Spanish. I DO know how bear my testimony, pray, and say Our Purpose in Spanish. I also know how to say "Hola Mormones" and a bunch of other stuff that's very salvation ;) haha not, but it's fun I love it. Let's see...what's happening in my! One of the Elders was playing Ultimate frisbee and got a concussion and is in the hospital, so he get's to miss his first P-day, but I'm guessing he got to call home. I should have played to so I could have called home, buuut ain't nobody got time for that :). GUESS WHO I SAY DAY 5 at the CCM??? ELDER AND HERMANA HART! I recognized them as my companions and I were running so I stopped to talk to them. I don't think they recognized me at first because it's been SOOO long since we've lived in CO, but they said HI to ya'll and took a picture that you should get eventually. Ah!! I can't really think of anything else to say, um the people here are super nice and funny. The food is definitely different. They do have brownies for breakfast and didn't eat one until today, because I saw that they were the Gharadelli chocolate brownies haha so that's fun. Um....DEFINITELY eat butt loads of rice. Something I haven't experienced, but what others have told me is a banana a day keeps your poop like clay and a banana a meal makes it hard to steal. Probably something you didn't want to hear, but I got a good kick out of that. Bah! I almost forgot you know how Casey and Carlie will say all the time "Sweet mother". I did learn that on day one. It's a popular phrase here so every time I say "AH mi madre" I always think of you Case and Carlie. My duffel bag DID make it the next day in the evening and thank heavens it did because it had all my makeup in it. So the pictures you got from Hermana and President Freestone, yeah I was lookin' like a crusty mess haha. My favorite part of the week would probably be sitting in for Elder Bednars devo. He taught us that we to go and not to wait for a prompting from the Holy Ghost. Look up the talk 20 Marks...I think it was a devo given at BYUI. Anyway he just said "Be a good girl (boy), keep the commandments, and act when prompted." He also said the language will come. I think that's getting to a lot of people here. Day 3 of being here we taught our first lesson and a lot of the Hermana's and even the Elders were crying because they were frustrated. Haven't cried yet haha, but when it comes to the language I'm taking it one day at a time and definitely learning patience. Not my favorite word, but it will be when I get out of here. Sorry this letter is everywhere! My brain is just going 100mph! Okay love ya'll, be safe, remember who you are, and most importantly KEEP ME IN THE SIBLING GOSSIP :) haha  Don't forget you're always in my prayers! 
Hermana Van Woerkom 

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