Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hermana Van Woerkom's 11-20-14 letter

Hey! Guys! I'm doing great! Thanks for the letters, okay love ya, bye!

No just kidding, okay where to begin...hmmm... Language study is good, still learning haha. So funny story of the week: We were teaching Ramon our investigator (another one of our teachers) and the lesson was on "The gospel of Jesus Christ". So in the lesson I told him that "because of Christs atonement we can be clean from our pescados". Not peCados. So pretty much I told him we could be cleaned from our fishes not sins haha I died laughing. Well the Haitians went home this week :( Super sad, but they are going to be amazing in Haiti. We just got a new group in as well! They are all Latinos so I'll hopefully get to practice my Spanish for realsies! We also got 2 Jamaicans in and 1 kid from Belgium going to the West Indies mission Dutch Speaking. He's from like Argentina or something so he isn't originally from Europe. He was suppose to go to the Provo MTC, but he had a visa mishap apparently so now he's here. He speaks fluent Dutch, Spanish, English, and French I think. Anyway lets just say if he can learn that many, there's hope for me just learning one. So we got to go to the University last week! It was amazing. Our "real" investigator fell through because she had class and wanted to meet with us the next day, but that was the only day we were going to be at the University. It's okay though. I DO have a interesting story though! So we were handing out pamphlets and Book of Mormons and my companions and I were making our way back up the hill and decided to give a pamphlet to this random like late 50's early 60 year old man. So we gave him the pamphlet and shared with him a short message when he then asked if we were all married. So we told him no because we were on a mission and then quickly left. So we left and were walking a couple blocks in the opposite direction, went to use the bathroom, quickly decided after going into the bathroom that it probably wasn't the best idea. So we had about 15 minutes left and 1 Book of Mormon so we stopped by this guy who was sitting down and started talking to him. Then another guy and girl came up to Hermana Bradford talking about our message  and THEN this guy taps me on the shoulder and the same 50 year old man came up and was talking to me in spanish saying "Novia Novia" and so I said "I don't know what your saying" and then in English he says "I want to be your boyfriend, here's my number" and I told him I don't have a phone and if you have a question about the church there are phone numbers on the back of the pamphlet we gave him and pulled out another pamphlet to show him. I then turned around and right across the street was one of the teachers that works at the CCM watching from the distance. I thought I had a handle on the situation so I said in Spanish again "No, I don't have a phone, no thanks" and moved closer to one of my companions who we were origionally talking to. Pretty much at this point we were split up a little bit in three different conversations. So my companions had no idea what was going on. So he kept bugging me, finally I turned around and looked at the teacher across the street and mouthed "help" so he came over and hopped in the conversation talking about the church and what not.My teacher then looked at me because I had a pamphlet in my hand and looked at me like I was crazy because I wasn't talking to him. Anyway my teacher found out really quick that he wasn't interested in the pamphlet. #stalkerstatus. I'm so glad he was there though to help us out. Our companionship definitely learned something from that experience.
 It's as amazing here as usual!  We got to visit with President Douglas the President of the area I'll be in! He told us a little about our mission area and answered questions we had. He said that there are programs there that some of the missionaries do to help people learn english! I SOO hope I get to do that! So in two days I'll officially have been here for a month! isn't that insane!? I don't want time to slip through my fingers and am using all of my time and energy to be a better friend, sister, person, and missionary. The people here are amazing and in 1 week I'll get to go out, meet, and serve them! I'm soo nervous and excited at the same time! Tomorrow I'll get to go out with "the real" missionaries and go proselyte! Can't wait!
 Well I think that's about it! Thanks you so much for the pictures and letters. ESPECIALLY THE PICTURES! I love seeing my cute little nieces and nephew's. Okay love ya'll SOO much!
Hermana Van Woerkom

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