Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jan. 19th

So this week has been pretty good, we are hoping for a baptism this next monday, so prayers would be very very much appreciated! Sorry for the late notice, they changed out Pday for today instead of tomorrow because we will be having a world-wide missionary conference with I'm assuming would be the apostles so I'm definitely excited for that! Today we had our last zone activity for the transfer so it was very bitter/sweet....well maybe more bitter because we've all had a blast this transfer. And it started out crazy to say the least! So as my companion throws her hot water into the buckets for her shower, I'm sitting at my desk in my moo moo reading the Liahona when my companion tells me in a panick voice "Compa, get out of here right now don't look behind you". So I'm looking at her like she's crazy and as she repeats it again, I get up and head for the door super freaked out that there was a haitian in the house *okay side note, I'm not racist, it's just that one of the Haitain Elders in my zone told us scary stories the night before about Haitian voodoo and people appearing in houses*. Continuing with the story I asked her what was happening when she told me there was a spider in the house. ACK! They really do have it out for me, first in Puerto Plata now here! I didn't know what to do so I pulled out the phone and start looking through the list of who we could call, but then realizing that we were still in our moo moo's we knew that calling the elders was now out of the option. Being a BOSS, my comp decided she could do it, so I went to get the broom, and I held on to the mop for protection, and we went in. The first swap with the broom didn't kill it, and then it hid behind our gallon tanks. Again, being the boss that she is she moved the tank all by herself and then the beast came back out and started running towards me....okay for the door that I was in front of. Luckliy my companion finished it off before it could get me, but man it was yet another scary encounter with the spider. It's a good thing this one was a baby tarantula instead of the biggies out in the countryside. Yes, I was screaming and screamed even more when my companion chased me around the flipping house with the dustpan that had the dead spider. BUT, this experience just made us think of how much we are going to miss each other. We are SOOOOO BUMMED to say the least that one of us is headed out this transfer. However, we are going to kick up the notch these last few days before it ends and if all goes as planned we will have our baptism this monday. FINGERS CROSSED! We have just had so many growing experiences here together, and I'm so grateful for every single one of them. 
Have a great week,
Hermana Van Woerkom 

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