Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hermana's update 10-8-15

Hey Family!
So nothing too crazy has happened this week besides transfers and.....well....I'M STAYING IN PARADISE! Yoohoo! haha. My daughter and I are super excited to have another transfer together! We love it here and the people. And I completed 11 months in the mission yesterday! Crazy huh! So I have to introduce you guys to one of my favorite old ladys in the mission. Her name is Marina, she's one of the mothers of a member in our ward. She's super special because she has Alzheimer so she doesn't get the opportunity to go to church. However she knows ALL THE HYMNS. So I asked my district leader if he wanted to go with us to sing some hymns with her. And that's what we did this last Saturday. Anyway she can never remember who I am so I always introduce myself as her favorite missionary. Well this time when we went with the elders, I did the same thing, introducing myself as her favorite, and then her helper then says to Marina, "which one of these people to do remember?" I was hoping she would say me, however she points to Elder Hola and says "this little cake". Ah! I was so crushed haha no just kidding, but she's just an amazing woman. She always wants us to call her mama and as we start to leave she says "remember you always have a roof here". She's just an amazing person. But as Transfers came Elder Hola left so hopefully I can be her favorite again haha. Here's a couple pictures of the service. One of the pictures my companion is telling her to look at the camera but she just kept glaring at the Elder haha. Too funny.
Thank you for your love and prayers have a wonderful week! 
Hermana Van Woerkom 

Hey family!
First off, to answer your question no the seasons aren´t changing here, however I´m still enjoying my mango juice and lime smoothies in paradise haha. It was my daughters birthday today so we went to fun city, a go cart place, and yes I´m as burnt as ever haha. I´ve gone from golden graham status to lobster. We had the Sisters Conference this week! It was super super special because even though I wasn´t with my sisters or mom I definitely could feel like I was there with you. That definitely was a tender mercy. And as you all know the season we have been waiting not NFL season, but GENERAL CONFERENCE! We are soo excited. I think the american elders are even more excited after they saw the goodies I got from mom and Lindsey. When they saw the 4 pound back of hot tamales they just about died. So the plan is, is that the latino´s will watch it conference with the members and the Americans get their own room to watch it in english...and yes they want to do a ¨pot luck´ of candy...and of course they asked for the hot tamales haha. So it´ll be fun I´ll send the pictures next week. It´s been soo great hearin the tender mercies happening it ya´lls lifes! You guys are amazing and such a good example. Keep up the good work! 
Love you all! 
Hermana Van Woerkom 

Hey family! 
Can I just say wow! General Conference was amazing! First off I have to say that MY MOM IS THE BEST MOM (and I´m her favorite daughter...wait what?) I´m so grateful for her example and her help. She´s made me who I am and helped me along with dad to discern what my Heavenly Father needed me to do. I hope one day I can be a mom just like her. Secondly my FAVORITE TALK as I´m sure when you were listening in your sweat pants eating cinnamon rolls was ELDER HALES! Mom always reminded me when I was little my favorite phrase was IM IN CHARGE. And Elder Hales said that as individuals we need to straighten up and fly right because why? WE ARE THE ONES IN CHARGE. So just remember that your the ones that choose, but remember the consequences of your decisions. But, I would also like to make a shout out to ELDER CLARK who spoke! I about died when they announced he would be speaking. I´m sitting with all the other americans chowing down on my hot tamales and Twizzlers, and nearly choked and got up and ran to the chapel where my companion was listening to it in Spanish and had to tell her that that was my president at BYUI. She thought it was cool, but I´m sure she didn´t get as much of a kick out of it as I did. 
Well our area wise. Things are progressing slowly, but we have a family of gold we are teaching. They have the desire to be baptized and we are helping them along the way. I´m hoping I can be there for them when they are baptized so pray on your end that I can stay here another transfer haha. Thanks for all your prayers and your example. I´m amazing at how crazy time is slipping. But I´ve learned so much but I have so far to go before I´m done. 
Sorry! No pictures of the NFL or should I say GCW general conference weekend. We played baseball and dominos today so I could practice being more Dominican and accidentally

forgot the pictures
love you and pray for you always! 
Hna Van Woerkom

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