Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Come and See: Capturing General Conference

If someone asked a member of our church what they did this past weekend, most of us would say we watched General Conference. During this past weekend especially, you’ll see members of the church flooding the internet with posts about General Conference. It’s because we LOVE listening and hearing from the prophet and other church leaders speak to us! You may have seen posts from members “prepping” for Conference. 
                                  Here are a couple examples from my family
Here's a post from my brother of him with my adorable niece prepping for General conference by making no-bake cookies at their house  :)

 And here's a post I shared on my Facebook page capturing the exact same feeling I get when it's General Conference weekend! 
                                                  (And even my dogs are catching a snooze inbetween sessions)  
Some may have seen posts on the internet being invited by their LDS friends to watch General Conference. For those who don't know what this meeting is let me explain. General Conference is an event that members of the church worldwide gather to watch twice a year (April and October) that consist of 5, two hour meetings that are held over two days. Members of the church from all around the world watch Conference take place in Utah from their homes via satellite, internet, or from local church buildings. During Conference, church leaders are asked to speak on a variety of topics. They are not assigned a topic and the length of each talk varies. Most talks usually focus on principles of the gospel and ways to help us become better examples and followers of Christ. I would encourage you to watch this years General Conference if you are interested in hearing these beautiful messages. But, if you don't have the time to listen to all of them, I would encourage you to watch this video. This is just one of the talks that was given this year by one of the apostles of the Lord, Elder Bednar. In his talk, he specifically speaks to people not of our faith concerning questions that you may have about us!    

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